A couple of blog posts ago I mentioned how I thought about switching back to a 12x12 format for 2017 because I couldn't find and album that was perfect for Project Life®. Through the month of January I completed each week in a 12x12 format, but didn't commit myself to that size by actually buying an album. I think I was hoping that a good option would pop up and I could go back to my beloved 6x8 size. Well once we hit February, I took the plunge and ordered a couple of white 12x12 albums. I told myself I am overthinking this whole situation and need to just get on with it.

And then the worst thing happened!!!

I was watching Ali's video for the Numbers Story Kit™ and she mentioned that she would be manufacturing some 6x8 albums later in the year!!! I know I haven't seem then yet, but I love Ali's Style so much that I know I am going to love them. So the questions remains... 6x8 or 12x12??

While I am figuring that out, let me show you my spread for week 5:

For this week I had a 12x12 page protector on the rleft and I added a Design A pocket page on the right. I really enjoy mixing thing up just a bit in this album. Plus having a full page protector helps out on weeks that I didn't take as many photos.

Whenever I am working with a full page protector, I use that opportunity to either highlight a favorite story or photo. This week all the stories I had to tell were worthy of being highlighted.

I decided to enlarge a photo of the boys betting on the Super Bowl game. I added a quick title, a couple of embellishment, and jotted down some quick notes. Easy peasy!

I got held up for just a minute while working on the pocket side of my spread. I knew what photos and cards I was going to use, I just didn't know what pockets I wanted to put them in. I tried a couple of different options, and settled on this arrangement. Super happy with how it turned out.

I maybe still be struggling with what size I am going to stick with this year, and I know I am seriously over thinking that situation. Does it really matter what size I use?? I'll eventually figure it out.. haha

If you want to see how this week came together, check out the process video below or on my YouTube channel.

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I was so ready for something fresh and new to work with when my new Felicity Jane "Sophie" kit arrived at my doorstep! As usual, the kit was filled with all sort of gorgeousness. The pinks, blues, and yellows in this kit were so pleasing, and I loved the lovey dovey feeling that was sprinkled throughout.
Of course I wanted to jump right in and play! It is always a little bit painful to cut into a piece of Felicity Jane paper, but I never let that stop me from creating with it!

The first layout I created was this really fun 6x12 page about my daughters school pictures. You can find more details and photos here

I created a sketch for my fellow Felicity Jane team mate Nae Bowell and I to work with for my second layout. Felicity Jane paper + a grid design is never a losing combination. You can check out the sketch plus both of our takes on it here

My third project I created with my "Sophie" kit was a spread in my Project Life® album. I LOVE using my Felicity Jane kit in this album because I know it is going to turn out great.  I think if Felicity Jane ever decided to have a Project Life® style kit, it would sell like hot cakes. (I posted this project on my Instagram account... look me up if you are an Instagram user. I am @BanningLane)

My new Felicity Jane kit was taking it's sweet time getting to me. So I had even more opportunity to work with my "Sophie" kit and share with you a couple of bonus projects. Trust me, I wasn't complaining!

I have started a school album for my daughter, and last year I made a spread very similar to this for her first day of school. I ended up liking it so much that I decided to recreate it for this year. It is a super simple spread, but that is exactly what I wanted. You can find more details + a few more photos here

My second bonus project I made was a layout about baking with my little London. This photo melts my heart, and I am super happy that I could use the "Sophie" kit because I think the colors in the kit are just as sweet as this photo. I had most of the washi strips that came in the kit left, so I used them (along with some other things) to create a really great base for my photo. You can find all the details about this layout here. 

I have enjoyed working with the Sohie kit so much! I can't wait to get my new kit in the mail and see what greatness I will be working with next month. Be sure to check out the Felicity Jane blog for a ton of inspiration from the Felicity Jane girls. You can find more details about the Felicity Jane kit here.

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