Hello Wednesday

I am still hopeful that I will complete this project. This "un-normal" week is making it hard to document life this way. 

Here are Wednesday's words and photos

I woke up at 9:30. I could hear Jake and the Neverland Pirates playing on the TV, so I knew Tony and London were awake. I went to bed the night before without washing my face, and when I woke up this morning that is the first thing I wanted to do. 

I was pretty tired when I woke up and considered for just a moment to climb back into bed for a few more minutes. I could hear London ask Tony if I was awake. She must have heard the movement upstairs. I decided to go downstairs and have breakfast with her.

Tony had to take his brother back to his truck early this morning. I wasn't surprised that he stopped to pick up donuts on his way home. London and I both like maple bars.

This morning we had to run a few errands, so after breakfast we headed upstairs to get ready. While we were in Seattle, London managed to walk out of Lush with all 5 colors of fun. ( It's really awesome play-doh that is also bubble bath.) She picked the blue to play with today.

Our first stop was to drop off my mom's purse by the office where Katy works. London always likes to see her Aunt Katy. 

Next stop was to the beauty supply store. Tony and London stayed in the car, so I did my best to just get what I needed and not look around too much. It was hard.

I spotted this pretty pink polish on my way out and new I had to have it. I thought it would be perfect for London to wear to her first day of dance class. I showed it to her in the car on the way home, and she loved it. I do love my girly girl

We have a handful of things that we always get at Costco, and Tony usually picks those things up on his way home from work. 

Today we were with him. 

London spotted some watermelon, and it was pretty clear we were not getting out of the store without it. She loves watermelon.

Great Harvest is right by Costco, and we were all hungry after our busy morning, so we stopped in for some sandwiches.

London always has a hard time when she has to take a nap right when we get home, so I let her watch one Curious George before heading off to her bed. 

She still had a hard time with it.

After nap, we decided to go down to the park to play. It is always so fun to see London play and climb on the toys because it is something that she hasn't always been able to do. 

She found a friend pretty quickly today and it was so much fun to see them run around and play together.

Tony warmed up some taco soup for dinner, while I finished a project that needed to get done.

London worked on sorting her beads. 

We usually will let London pick something to watch on TV while we eat. Before I had kids I would have never guessed that this would be the case. Things change, and at the end of the day it is a balance between what you want your life to look like, and what actually works. London has a history with eating, and we do what we need to do to keep her strong, and healthy. 

When Tony is home he does the night time routine. London usually get to watch 2-3 episodes of Curious George before bed, before she heads upstairs to get her teeth brushed. 

Tonight she was being silly

After we brush her teeth, we read books. Lately she has been wanted to look through her Highlight magazine. She really likes the hidden picture pages.

Then it's to bed, and lights out. 

Hello Tuesday

My plan this year was to go all in with this Week In The Life project. Take a ton of photos, and write down some words. I think I am doing ok with the pictures, but this year I have not written down any words.

I also decided that I wanted to use instagram and this blog as tools to help tell the story of this week. I am mostly doing good with the instagram thing, but I am finding it difficult to keep up with my blog. This is a pretty bus,y and weird week for us so I have had less time to sit down and work on a blog post. I still want to do blog updates, they just may be a bit delayed. 

I have decided I am not going to let myself worry about the things that aren't getting done and just go with the flow. 

Here are Tuesdays photos and words.

Felix jumped on our bed bright and early this morning and wanted a good rub. He is still super happy that we are home, but I am expecting this all to change soon. He is normally a very grumpy cat.

London usually wakes us up around 7:30, but today she slept it. When Tony finally decided to get out of bed he went to her room to wake her up. I loved hearing their conversations over the monitor. She seemed happy that he was not going to work today

I stayed in bed for a little while longer. I liked to start my day by checking my Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even play a few levels of Plants vs. Zombies. Don't judge, it's my guilty pleasure.

London usually asks Tony to make her Pancakes for breakfast when he is home. Today she chose to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates while they ate. It seems to be her favorite these days. 

London's beads were still set up from the night before. After breakfast she continued the process of organizing all of them. Today she wanted to wear her gloves as she sorted.

My desk was a mess before I left, and that mess was waiting for me when I got back. I had a lot to do today so this mess will have to wait.

Most of our morning was spent cleaning up the house. I always get a little stressed if things are messy. I don't mind a little clutter, but I hate messy.

Our schedule has been a bit off over the last few days and when we sat down for lunch it really showed. London asked for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with apples for lunch, but she struggled to eat any of it. This is part of our story. 

After Lunch it's nap time. London is usually happy to lay down for a bit. She has always been a good sleeper.

I took advantage of London's nap, and ran some errands.

I needed to get London signed up for dance. I had all her paper work filled out so I just had to drop it off. 

While I was down at the other end of town I decided to pick up her school supply list. My heart is aching. How did she grow up so fast?

My last stop was the grocery store. Tony wanted taco soup for dinner tonight and I needed to pick up a few things that we didn't already have at home.

It is not very often that I get to go out and about without London. She is usually a pretty good girl, but errands are a bit easier, and faster when I go alone.

I was happy to get back in time to clean this mess up before Miss London woke up from her nap. 

I had a few projects that I really needed to work on. I was grateful that Tony was here to entertain London while I got them done.

around 7:30 I decided to get started on dinner. We new Tony's brother was going to be coming into town, and I wanted to make sure dinner was waiting for him when he got here.'

 While I cooked dinner, London played with her blocks. Today she chose to organize them by color.

London and I ate around 9:00, which is pretty late for us. Tony waited for his brother to get there so he could eat with him.

Tony got a call from his brother around 9:40. Eldon drives truck and he had to make a delivery to the airport by our house. He was staying at our house for the night so Tony went to pick him up. It was fun listening to these two catch up.

It was after midnight before we made it to bed. I popped into London's room to check on her before heading down the hall to my room. I always think she looks so pretty when she sleeps.

Hello Monday

I almost picked a different week to document my Week In The Life. Tony was going to be on vacation so I knew this wouldn't be a very normal week for us. The problem was, we were not going to have a "normal" week for a while so I decided to just go for it.

Here are Monday's words and photos.

The start of Week In The Life was actually the end of our trip to Seattle. We wanted to take one last trip into the city, so we packed up our car before we left. We were all feeling a little bummed that it was time to go home.

I loved the drive into the city, and would often hand my camera to whoever was sitting in front of me so they could take some pictures. Today's plan was to visit the Space Needle and the Pacific Science Center.

First up was the Space Needle. We were pretty lucky to have blue skies on two of the four days we were there. 

My brother and his wife offered to stand in line to get our tickets, while we walked around. Lines are hard for 3 year olds. 

London saw this red sculpture and had to check it out. Once she got there she was confused on how you were supposed to get on the "slide" and why it had so many holes in it. She makes me laugh

After walking around and looking at all the fun things we could find, we eventually made our way back to the line. My brother and sister-in-law were still standing in it. 

Even though it was the start of our day, it was the end of our trip and I thought London was being a really good girl. I was grateful for that.

Our Hotel had a elevator with a glass back so you could see out as you rode it up and down. London loved it so much. I was really excited to watch her ride up the Space Needle. I chose to enjoy that moment with her instead of worrying about getting a picture. It was so fun to see the excitement in her eyes, and the smile on her face.

When we got to the top of the Space Needle, London told us she was very hungry. We decided it was a good time for everyone to get a snack. London ate all her yogurt, which is rare, so I new she was hungry

Of coarse the view from the top was awesome. Seattle continues to be one of my favorite places to visit.

This trip started out as a family vacation for just the 3 of us, but my brother, sister-in-law, and mom decided to join us. It was fun vacationing as a group. I know we did so much more then we would have if we didn't have them with us.

Next up was the Pacific Science Center. I may have regretted wearing my flip flops, but I was happy with my choice of leggings and a hoodie. I was tired and so were my feet so a comfy outfit definitely made my day more enjoyable.

Tony and Shea definitely had a little bit more fun then the rest of us.

London joined in when she wanted to.

They had a bug room, and at first she thought everything was "so cute". London is not a bug fan, and she must have realized what she was looking at because she started saying everything was "yucky". 

She was lucky to have Uncle Shea there to carry her on his shoulders. He is really tall, so London never had to worry about not being able to see something.

We all had some fun at the Science Center, but we were all really tired. It didn't take us long before we decided that we had enough fun. We knew it was time to go home.

London slept for most of the car ride home. When she woke up she was only a little cranky, but Booger had you smiling in no time. 

She played on the iPad for the rest of the trip home. I always try to find a balance with technology. On long car rides it's a life saver.

When we got home we only unpacked what we absolutely needed for the night. We were all pretty exhausted. 

London wanted to play beads first thing. I knew since she had slept the whole way home, that she would probably stay up later than usual. 

I checked a few things on-line while Tony warmed us up some soup for dinner. 

London went to bed around 10 and Tony and I stayed up a while longer. It was nice to be in our own bed.

For more information on Ali Edwards Week In The Life visit her blog at aliedwards.com. The hello Monday is a digital brush that I got from a set she did for designer digitals. I don't know if it is still available, but Ali some different days of the week brushes in her shop.