Being Brave

I discovered kit clubs a little over a year ago. I still remember the first scraptastic kit that I got in the mail. It was so exciting to open that box and look at all the goodies. Since then I tried Ali Edwards Story Kits and Story Stamps (which are both really really fantastic) and the Hip Kit Club. All of them are great in their own way, but the kit that has my heart and gets me so excited to scrapbook is the Felicity Jane kit. Everything about it is just plain awesome. It comes in the cutest black and white striped box that you have ever seen. I can not even begin to tell you how excited I get when I open my door and see my Felicity Jane box.

My kit usually shows up around lunch time, so I get to sit at the table and open my box while my little London eats. I always always know that there is going to be something unexpected. Whether it's the bits and bobs that come in a little box that is way too cute to throw away, or some frayed material wrapped around a spool. I love looking at all the unique embellishments that come in these kits. I always save the paper until last because it is my favorite part. Felicity Jane paper is so perfectly simple in the best way. The color combinations are alway spot on. I can always count on a great polka dot, a cute stripe, and a few pages that make me want to drop everything and go scrapbook right then. I am lucky that my little miss takes a nap right after lunch.

I remember when I first saw that Felicity Jane was having a creative team call. I thought about it for only a second, and then decided I should give it a try. I applied to be on one other design team and it was pretty stressful for me. I wanted to only submit my best work and tried to make something super amazing, which probably wasn't completely my style anyway. I didn't make that design team. This time around I decided that I would pick 5 of my favorite layouts that I had already completed that I thought best represented me. In the end if I didn't make it then that was ok. I would still get my Felicity Jane kit, I would still love the heck out of it, and I would still go on loving this hobby of mine. 

Extreme excitement and shock does not even come close to how I felt when I opened my e-mail one night and saw this

I had made the team. After I made a complete fool out of myself, jumping and screaming around the room, and the shock wore off, fear set in...

What if I wasn't good enough? What if I made completely horrible layouts every month? What if I disappoint? And I got so wrapped up in fear that I even thought... What if she didn't even mean to pick me? 

Through all that fear and doubt, My Mom and my Husband were right there telling me I was crazy, and this was a good thing.

And it is... It's a good thing. I am mostly excited and only a little nervous about this awesome opportunity. I know that I will meet new friends, I know that I will grow as a scrapbooker, and I know that I will have so much fun! I AM  ON THE FIRST EVER FELICITY JANE CREATIVE TEAM!! This, by far, is the highlight of my scrapbooking hobby... so far!!


  1. Congratulations! Your layouts are always so lovely! You + Felicity Jane = a great combination. I just started subscribing and am looking forward to seeing how you use the kits.

    1. Thank you so much Susan. I have been seeing some of your layouts and they are REALLY cute. The Felicity Jane kits really are just so darn cute.