Best Camping Trip Ever

This camping trip to Priest Lake had been planned for a long time. Tony and my Dad planned and reserved our camp sites months ago. It may have just been the best camping trip ever and this is what I want to remember.

I want to remember how awesome it was to camp by a lake with a beach. Everyday we made a trip down to the water to play. 

I want to remember the look of pure joy on London's face every time she got brave enough to walk out into the lake and sit down.

I want to remember how cute it was when a little girl asked London if she wanted to play. They were the only little girls on the beach that day, and it was so fun to see them play together.

I want to remember how much London wanted to catch a squirrel. She walked through the woods with a rope so that she could tie him up and take him home if she happened to catch one.

I want to remember how fun it was to play sequence over and over again. It's been a while since we have all played that game and it looks like it is still a family favorite. 

I want to remember our morning bike ride down to the lake in our jammies. I wanted to get a picture of the lake, and the view was worth the ride (and walk) back up that hill.

I want to remember how cute Tony looked in his camping shoes that we got him for Fathers Day. They just made every outfit look great. He is still just so darn handsome.

I want to remember the cute little resort we went to for dinner one night. It had a very Dirty Dancing feel to it. I told Tony more than once that it would be a great place for us to get away to for the weekend. We will see if he picked up on my not to subtle hints.

I want to remember watching Tony and my Dad having way to much fun siting on tubes out in the water while flying London's shark kite.

I want to remember stopping for ice cream on our way up to camp, and thought it was such a good treat that we made sure to go back down later that week for an after dinner snack.

I want to remember playing games in the trailers at night. We were told a bear and her cub had been coming into camp and being outside in the dark scared me.

I want to remember how London wanted to go watch a movie in Poppy's trailer every night. It seems like that has become the norm when we camp with my parents. During the day I like her to play outside and enjoy being in the woods, but watching a movie before bed seems to be a nice way for her to end the day.

I want to remember how good it felt to have five whole days to spend as a family with absolutely no plans.

I want to remember how nice it felt to be home in our own bed after that five days.

It was an awesome camping trip. The longest one we have ever been on with our trailer. We will definitely be going back next year, a maybe even try to make another small trip before this summer ends. 


  1. Really enjoyed this blog - reminded me that my hubby and I had long said we'd take the kids camping, but somehow haven't yet managed it. We're determined to make the effort now and let them experience something we used to adore as kids, while they're still little and excited by everything. Thanks for the inspiration :)

    Andrea Wilkins @ Get Away Outdoors

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