I remember when I watched my first unboxing video of a Felicity Jane kit on Jen Schow's  YouTube channel. I had never heard of the company before, but I knew immediately that I would be checking them out. As a matter of fact, I think I signed up to be a subscriber before I even finished Jen's video. I just loved the kit that much.

Several months into my subscription, Felicity Jane put out a Creative Team call. I had zero confidence in myself, but I knew that I wanted to be on that team more than anything. I carefully selected a few layouts that showed off my style and sent them off with my application. I about fell outa my chair when I got the invite to join the team a few weeks later. It was an absolute scrappy dream come true. 

It was such a joy receiving that black and white box in the mail each month. I could hardly contain my excitement each and every time. I really did love the style of the Felicity Jane kits, and I couldn't believe I was getting the opportunity to create with them. I mean my work was being featured on the Felicity Jane blog, and honestly that was pretty awesome.

At the end of my first term, Jeana asked if I wanted to stay on the team for a second term, but only this time as the team coordinator. I was seriously in so much shock, I think I read the e-mail about 10 times before it really sunk in. not only did I get the opportunity to continue to create with a truly beautiful kit, but I was now going to get the chance to work a little closer with the creator of that kit. To say I was nervous was a huge understatement, but you better believe I said yes just about as fast as I could.

Towards the end of my second term on the team, I got another invite from Jeana to stay on the team for a third term. I think my response to her was... "it will always and forever be YES!!" Even after three terms into this scrappy adventure, I still knew how lucky I was to be apart of this amazing team. I absolutely loved everything about the Felicity Jane kits. I loved the simple patterns, I loved the perfect color combos, and I especially loved the attention to detail that went into every kit. What was even more great than working with such a fantastic kit was getting to work with Jeana. I loved getting to know her better. We had so much in common, and I was always so impressed with her outlook on life. Felicity Jane just felt like home.
So I was on an absolutely amazing creative team. I loved the product, I loved the owner, and I loved being apart of a wonderful community. So why at the end of my third term with Felicity Jane did I e-mail Jeana to say that I would not be returning for a forth term with the team....

Because of her.

My little London is starting kindergarten in the fall, and believe me, I have so many mixed emotions about that. During the process of getting her registered for school, and learning about all the different opportunities that London and I will have once she starts school, I very quickly realized that I need to make some changes. I need to take full advantage of this precious time I have with my little girl. I want to throw myself into volunteer work with the school, and be as involved as they let me be. Even though it took me a few week to e-mail Jeana with the heartbreaking news, I knew the moment I signed my little girl up for school that I would be stepping down from Felicity Jane.

I will miss my "old" life so much. I will miss working with the ladies of Felicity Jane. It truly was an honor to be paired with such amazing talent over the last couple of years. I will miss being apart of a community that I love so much. I will miss having my work being featured on the Felicity Jane blog. I will miss being "in the know" on all things Felicity Jane. I will miss having a really good excuse to chit chat with one of the best gals I know. I will miss the feeling that you get when  you are apart of a creative team.

But I will never regret choosing her, and I know I will treasure the memories and the opportunities that are headed our way.

... and just incase you were wondering, I have not given up of scrapbooking, not a chance. I will still be sharing layouts here on the blog and over on my Instagram account, so be sure to follow me there if you are not. You will still see tons of Felicity Jane from me too, I became the newest subscriber this month. I wasn't about to miss out on all the scrappy goodness that only Felicity Jane can create!

Hope to be back soon with some fun to layouts to share


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  1. I will really miss seeing your contributions on the Felicity Jane blog but I completely understand your reason for leaving. They're only young once and you'll never get those days back. Enjoy your time with your sweet girl!