In January I did three project for the Felicity Jane blog. I am still loving these kits so much and and feel so lucky to work with them every month

Here is a look at my layouts.

Banning Lane | Felicity Jane Cozy kit + No Peeking add on

My first layout I did was about building a snowman! London LOVES the snow and LOVES building snowmen even more. Last year I told the story of the magic of building her first snowman. This year to make my snowman layout a bit different, I took the "how to build a snowman" approach. You can see more pictures plus a process video here.

Banning Lane | Felicity Jane Cozy kit + No Peeking add on

My second layout is a page about my Gramma's Sugar Cookie recipe. This layout will actually go into a cookbook that I am making London. You can find more details about this layout here.

Banning Lane | Felicity Jane "Susie"

My last layout was a Project Life® spread. I used the super cute sheet of cut apart cards to complete my layout and I just love the way it turned out. You can find more pictures plus a process video here.

My new Felicity Jane kit will probably landing on my front porch anyway now. I have seen the sneaks and I can't wait to actually start working with it

Thanks for stopping by!


I am so excited to be starting a new year of Project Life®. It just feel good to have a fresh start.

Last year I fell behind because life got more than a little crazy. I had good intentions of "catching up" but it just became so overwhelming that I found myself working on different projects and avoiding Project Life® all together. As of now I am still behind. My plan moving forward is to work on last years album when I get the chance, but absolutely stay current with this years album.

Here is a look at my week one:

Ahhhh... look at all that white!! It makes my heart happy.

For my title cards this year I am using this One Little Bird stamp set that I got form Studio Calico. I love how versatile this set it. definitely one I will be reaching for again and again.

The 3X4 cards that I used for this spread came from a One Little Bird set called Thrive, and also from my Ali Edwards Story Kit™.

The "It's A Brand New Year" came from the same One Little Bird set. I sized it to fit on the back of my 6X12 title page (still waiting for that photo to be printed). The white space below the quote was the perfect place to write about my One Little Word® for the year. 

If you want to see this layout come together, be sure to watch the process video here or over on my YouTube channel.


For 2016 I'm going with FOCUS as my One Little Word®.

So here is some truth... focus was my One Little Word® last year. At first I didn't even consider the word focus. How could I pick the same word two years in a row??

Here is a little bit of more truth... The only thing I did with my word in 2015 was actually pick it. I hardly even thought about it after the month of January. So after thinking about the new year and really asking myself what I wanted those 12 months to look like, I decided choosing FOCUS for the second year in a row would be ok.

I want Twenty Sixteen to be a happy year, and in order for that to happen I need to FOCUS on what matters most. I am taking the month of January to really think about what I want to invite into my life, and setting some goals for the future. A lot of those goals are personal, and I may or may not share those with you as the year unfolds. Some of them are crafty goals and I will probably be sharing those with you here on this blog or on my YouTube channel

I am excited to be participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word® class this year. I know that this is the sort of project that you "get out of it what you put into it". I plan on carving out a chunk of time each month to work on the prompts and really make this word apart of my everyday life. 

Have you picked a "word" for this year? You still have time to join in on Ali's workshop. You can find more information here