One of my favorite things to do at Thanksgiving is decorate the table. It is never anything over the top or fancy, but once it's done it always make me happy.

Over the last month I had seen the prettiest flowers at my local grocery store. Every time I would stop in for groceries I was always so tempted to pick some up, but never actually did. While I was shopping for our Thanksgiving dinner I thought the holiday was the perfect excuse to by those flowers. I knew they would make our table beautiful!

Banning Lane | Thanksgiving Table

I went back and forth with on wether I should buy one or two bouquets. I went with two and I am so happy I did. I placed the flowers in mismatched glass vases that I already had in my closet. I am the first to admit that I am no florist, and had no idea how to arrange these bouquets. I just tried to find a nice balance of color and size. 

Last year I used a long skinny box filled with pumpkins and candles as my Thanksgiving table center piece. The burlap ribbon, place mats, and napkins were all repeats from last year. I loved the box of candles, but I think I love the flowers even more. I think our table this year was the perfect blend of fancy and rustic!

Banning Lane | Thanksgiving table

No table would be complete without some place cards. At least no table of mine. I don't really care if people actually sit where I put their name, I just think they look super cute on the table.

I was inspired by some place cards I found on the Teaspoon Living blog. I knew they would be really easy to create, and I also knew that my little London would have so much fun helping me with this project. The hardest part was actually creating the turkey, but I found a Silhouette cut file, so even that was pretty simple.

On the inside of the place cards I wrote one "would you rather" question that I had planned on everyone reading and answering while we ate. It was a fun game that took minutes to play and added a fun little twist to our Thanksgiving dinner!

Flowers are seriously one of my favorite ways to decorate my home. They just add the nicest touch to any room. So even though Thanksgiving has come and gone, these flowers are still sitting on my table and make me smile every time I see them.


1. I am the type of person that likes to have a beverage on my desk as I work. If it is not a glass of ice cold water, it is usually a cup of herbal tea. Lately I have been really enjoying this wild berries tea from Twinings. I add just a bit of honey to it and enjoy it hot or cold, which makes it the perfect go to drink.

2. I went to a Norwex party a few months ago and picked up a few things. I haven't tried all of my products yet, but one thing I have tried is the EnviroCloth, and man is it amazing. Not only does it "safely" clean my home, but it does a really good job at it. Plus I love that it comes in pink.

3. I seem to go through bath phases. I either want to take one every night, or not at all. This past month I have been on the take one every night phase. Of course I want my bath to be a super fun girly one, so I always like to add a bath bomb or bubble bar from my Lush stash. My favorite go to faves are the sex bomb and the butterball.

4. My hubby bought me this Kate Spade glass water bottle for my birthday back in March. I seriously love it so much and want it in every color option. When I am drinking my ice water or cold tea, this is what I am drinking it from.

5. Ah Felicity Jane papers. I can't say enough good things about them. I especially love the colors and patterns that are in the October's "Emeline" kit, but I think I might say that every month. I actually decided to make some new dividers for my planner out of these beautiful papers.