Project Life | Week 38

Banning Lane | Week 38

I am really behind on my Project Life album. I had a "catch up" plan that just wasn't really working, and I found myself getting farther and farther behind. I finally decided I needed a new "catch up" plan.

This project is really only fun for me when I am up to date on my album. So last week when I sat down to scrapbook, I decided that I would just work on the most current week. I found myself getting excited about this project again.

My new "catch up" plan will be this. Scrapbook the most current week first. When I have extra time I will go back and complete a week that still needs to be done from a few months back. I think this will be the best approach, and I am ok with having a gap in my album for now.

So here is my week 38

Banning Lane | Week 38

At the beginning of the year I decided to use title cards from One Little Bird, and I absolutely love them. I usually recolor them in Photo Shop Elements to match the color of my spread each week.

Banning Lane | week 38

I used a combination of cards from One Little Bird, and the Becky Higgins core kit Jade Edition.

I usually print most of the cards I use from home, so the corners end up being squared. The Becky Higgins Project Life cards come with rounded corners. It does not really bother me to mix the two.

Banning Lane | Week 38

The "give thanks" is a digital brush that I got from Ali Edwards. You can find the set here. I really like the way it looks on this photo I took while we were camping.

If you want to see how this whole layout came together, you can watch it over on my YouTube channel, or right here.

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