1. Over this past year I have been really trying to find a planning style that fits me and my budget. I have discovered printable planner stickers on Etsy, and I quickly discovered how awesome they are. Really affordable, and so many options. I have found that if you are going to go down the road of printing your own stickers (and you get super frustrated by your Silhouette) the Gyro-cut is a must. I am still getting the hang of this handy tool, but it does a pretty decent job at kiss cutting my stickers.

2. I have a lot of lip products that could put on my Top 5 list, and I have. This month I have found myself reaching for is the Smith's Rosebud balm. This salve is helpful for so many things (minor burns, diaper rash, cuticles) but I just use it on my lips! It is pretty moisturizing, but my favorite part is the fantastic scent. It has the pretties rosebud smell that is not at all overwhelming! 

3. When I saw the Celestial holiday teas show up in my grocery store, I nabbed them up as fast as I could. I got all the herbal flavors I could find, and they are all so delicious. My favorite of the bunch though is the Gingerbread Spice flavor. It spicy and gingerbready and just delicious. I like drinking mine with a little honey and cream in it! So so good.

4. My hubby bought me some super comfy Mini Ugg boots for Valentines day last year. It finally got cold enough this month that I went searching for them. I forgot how much I love them! If they weren't so rough on the ol' wallet I would probably buy all the colors I could get.

5. My Top 5 would not be complete without the Gilmore girls: A Year in the Life on it. I was SOOOOOO excited for this to come out. I know they everybody has their own opinion these new episodes, but I really like it. I didn't have any expectations going into this, so I wasn't disappointed by any of it. Of course I had my fair share of "are you kidding me", but over all I loved it. Crossing my fingers that this is not the last we see of those Gilmore girls.

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