CONFESSION: I love online scrapbooking classes.

CONFESSION: I have bought a ton of online scrapbooking classes

CONFESSION: I am really bad at completing (and sometimes even starting) all those wonderful scrapbook classes that I now have

My List of Scrapbook Classes
Hybrid by Ali Edwards
31 Things by Ali Edwards
Yesterday & Today by Ali Edwards
Hello Story by Ali Edwards
Lens of Joy by Ali Edwards
Storytelling with Project Life® by Ali Edwards
31 More Things by All Edwards
Type by Ali Edwards
Photo Triage: Vacation Photos Class by Jen Schow
Ready, Sketch, Go! (volume 1 and 2) by Jen Schow and Tracie Claiborne
Zap Your Scraps by Jen Schow

My One Little Word® for 2017 is Change. One of the changes that I am going to attempt to make this year is taking the time to complete some of those online classes that I have on that big list of mine. 

My plan of attack is to pick one of the classes off my list and complete it. My goal is to not complete this whole list by the end of the year, but that would be pretty awesome. I just want to start with one class and after I get done with that one I'll pick another. No pressure what so ever.

The first class I decided to work on is 31 things. It is a self-paced workshop the includes 31 prompts about your life right now. One photo + some words all in one album. I actually can't wait to get started. I haven't totally thought about the creative side of this project. Just in story modest this point. I am sure that once I get going I will start to get some ideas about how I want this album to look. 

I plan on sharing all of my stories here on this blog. They may actually live on this blog until I figure out what to do with them. The goal is to work on one story per day, but we will see what actually ends up happening. Progress, not perfection. 

And just incase you were wondering, here are the links to all of the classes on my list

Thanks so much for stopping by, and we will see you soon!


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  1. Hope all is well with you! You kind of disappeared!!