Week In The Life™ 2016 | Monday

When I woke up this morning the first thing that popped into my head was take a picture. I was totally ready for this full week of documenting our lives. Ask me if I am that excited come Sunday!

London was already downstairs eating her breakfast, and I could hear that she was watching Shrek. I decided to lay in bed for a few more minutes and chat withTony while he finished getting ready for work. After he left I went downstairs to help London finish eating her breakfast. Today was a bath day so she didn't have too much time to linger.

London was a good listener this morning and we got ready with a few minutes to spare. I asked  if I could take her picture before heading out the door. 

She always wants to open the gate by herself, always. She also always runs down the sidewalk and yells "beat you" when we get to her door. Everything is always a race these days.

London's teacher is always so exited to see her and London is so happy to be there. It makes dropping her off so much easier.

I drop off our payment at the office before heading home.

I have breakfast first thing when I get home. I usually have the same breakfast everyday, berries with plain greek yogurt. I usually will sweeten the berries with a bit of sugar, but I am in a weight loss competition with Tony and my brother, so I have been skipping the sugar.

Most days I eat my breakfast at the computer so I can check out YouTube, but today I decided to eat in the living room and watch an episode of Matlock.

On Monday's, the house is always a little more messy. I don't do much cleaning on the weekends besides dishes, and maybe a nightly tidy up. I have created the routine of doing my daily chores before anything else, especially on the days that London is in school. Sometimes I stick to that routine, and sometimes I don't. Today I did!

I still have a little under and hour before I have to get London from school, so I sit down at my scrap desk to either check out YouTube, or work on a layout that is on my desk. I check Facebook first and read that a one of my fellow Felicity Jane design team members lost her sweet baby over the weekend. My heart broke for her, and I found it hard to work or watch anything after that.

I am always excited to pick up London from school. Even though she only goes for a half a day, I still miss her! Can you guess what she learned about today?

This girl is all about comfort and will strip down to her undies the second she walks through the door if I let her. Today she ditched the jeans and the shoes, but kept that dress on.

I was ready for lunch, and just like I have the same breakfast, I usually have the same lunch too. Cottage cheese, and tomatoes for the win. I added the almonds today because they sounded good. This is the time of day I also take my vitamins.

After watching Aladdin and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (at the same time) for a bit, London was done relaxing and off to find something better to do. She decided she wanted to play with some stickers, and had a certain set in mind. I was grateful that she was able to find them on her own. That is usually not the case

Soon after she was off to sorting her beads. She loves to organize her beads by size, shape, and color in anything thing she can get her hands on. Today she chose her kitchen.

Most days London will ask for a snack in the afternoon. Today she wanted some M&M's. I told her I would let her have the candy as long as she ate nuts and cherries with it too. She thought that would be fine, and I counted that as a win!

London had her snack while she watched a movie (one she picked on Netflix) while I did some scrapbooking. It is our usual afternoon activity.

London no longer takes regular naps. She only really takes one on days that she really needs one. Most days she needs just a little snuggle in the afternoon, and I always have time for a snuggle.

Tony got home around 6:00 and decided he wanted to go out to Cabela's to look for some new camping shoes. He went up to change his clothes, and London was close behind him. It is pretty normal for London to keep him company after work.

No luck with the shoes, but London loved looking at all the animals, so it wasn't a complete loss.

As soon as we got home it was time for dinner, past time actually. Most meals are a struggle for London. Often times Tony and I are still sitting at the table well beyond our meal waiting for London to eat even half of hers. I remind myself to take deep breaths and think of the progress she has made. This is part of our story.

Soon after dinner Shea came over to get a haircut. He brought Nora and Rosey over with him, and London was happy to play fetch with them while I cut hair. 

If Tony is home at night, he usually puts London to bed. The boys wanted to clean the guns so I did night time routine. That includes changing into PJ's, brushing teeth, reading a book or two, and saying prayers before getting tucked into bed. 

After getting London to bed, I browsed the internet and uploaded all my photos from the day to the computer. Shea got called home around midnight and I decided to give Tony a quick haircut before going to bed. Super glad to have that chore done!

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