Tuesday's are usually a little less stressful because the only thing we have to do is get to dance class, and that does start until 10:00. Today however, was picture day at dance so that added more stress than usual. I had to get and keep London beautiful and picture ready!

I woke up to London playing the iPad in my bed. She usually will ask Tony to get her a snack and this morning it was cheese and crackers. Tony was just getting out of the shower and I decided to jump in real quick while I had the chance.

After I got out of the shower and put a bit of make-up on, it was time for London to take a bath and get ready for dance. I knew I was going to be making her pigtails curly today, so I left us plenty of time to do that.

I was pretty stressed about the whole picture situation, but London looked absolutely adorable. Plus she was a super good girl, and did exactly what was asked of her. Super grateful for that!

After dance class we usually will stop in to visit Tony at work. It's just a good day to do it. London usually has one goal in mind and that is to check out what goodies they have back in the pharmacy for her to snack on. Today's selection wasn't that great, and Tony took her to the front to pick out a treat. It's almost always strawberry ice-cream bars.

When we got home, London wanted one of her ice-creams first thing! Of course I said yes!

Mornings are a little hectic around here no matter how much time we give ourselves. So while London ate her ice-cream and watched some cartoons, I straightened up the house and emptied the dishwasher. 

London had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, oranges, and almonds for lunch, while I had blueberries, a hard boiled egg, and some almonds. I wasn't feeling my typical cottage cheese and tomatoes today.

The mail man was a little late today. I must have popped my head out the door a dozen times to check and see if the little red flags were down. Of course Felix took the multiple opportunities to sneak out the front door. He LOVES to be outside.

Most Tuesday's look the same around here. London picks a movie to watch on Netflix while she plays, and I scrapbook. Today she got a little restless of the normal routine, and asked if she could get her melty beads out. She always sits at the dining room table to do that activity, and she always wants me to sit with her. I'm ok with that.

When snack time rolled around she asked for M&M's again, but this time she didn't want the nuts and cherries with it. I let her win today.

This little girl of mine is at a really fun age, and I love to just sit and watch her play. Especially if she will have a conversation with me. I know my time with her is limited and I soak up these little moments. Today she did a lot more tickling than talking. I loved how funny she thought it was.

We have a camping trip planned for the weekend (first camping trip of the season) so Tony picked up the trailer on his way home from work. London was so excited to see that trailer hooked on to Tony's truck.

I think it's pretty cute that she loves the trailer so much, but I know the next couple days will be a struggle. If London is not in the trailer, she is pestering me about being in the trailer. 

We spent the next couple of hours getting our trailer ready for our trip, and talking about different things we will need to pick up before we go. I eventually head inside to start cooking dinner. I turn on a Scrap Gals podcast to keep me company.

By the time we get done with dinner it is London's bedtime. I do the dishes and wipe down the kitchen while Tony and London turn on Curious George. Most nights she gets to watch a couple episodes before going to bed. Sometimes she gets lucky, and Tony falls asleep. She is good about being extra quiet when that happens so she can sneak in another episode or two.

After George is over, Tony and London head upstairs to start the night time routine. 

Most nights I head to my scrap desk to work on a layout or browse the internet. Usually a little of both. Tonight I got distracted by a new cuticle treatment that was sitting on my desk, so I decided to test that out instead. I am always on the hunt for the perfect manicure products. 

Tony's plan was to go back out and work on the trailer some more after London went to bed, but he got distracted too, (by his phone) and never made it back out.

It was past midnight when we finally sat down to sit down and make a grocery list for our camping trip. Tony's plan was to run by the grocery story on his way home from work the next day. I am lucky that he takes on that chore most of the time.

Once our list was complete, we made sure everything was locked up and headed to bed. Tony fell asleep right away, but I watched the Golden Girls for a bit before I ended up falling asleep. That is very much a typical routine for us.

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