London turned 5 in December, and I think I have been in total denial about it. She is growing up so fast and I find myself wanting to hold her so tight in hopes that time will slow down. 
The past five years seem to have flown by in just a blink of an eye. I know everybody says that, but it is so painfully true. I have always told myself to enjoy whatever season of life that I was in, because all too soon that season would be over and I would want it back. And it is so true, I want all the tiny little moments of that last five years back. 

I know all too soon my little five year old will be a growing six year old, and these are the things I want to remember about her right now

One | She loves color, and she loves it in rainbow order. 

Two | Eating is still a struggle most of the time. Her favorite go to choices are noodles, PB&J, fruit, cheesy crackers, noodles, nuts and cherries | potato chips| and strawberry milkshakes.

Three | She is smart, and likes to learn. At school she is on the 100 shelf and is learning how to add and subtract. She is also learning some basic words, and is working so hard to get to the purple shelf where she will get to read actual books.

Four | Anything that is crafty, she is on it. She likes to glue, and cut, and paint, and stamp, and color, and anything else she can get her hands on. New craft supplies get her so excited, and I totally get that.

Five | She wants a baby sister or brother so bad. She tells me about her friends at school who have brothers and sisters, and asks why she doesn't. It's a hard thing to try and explain to a 5 year old, but hopefully one day she will get to be a big sister.

Six | Watching TV is definitely something she does WAY to much of. Even if she is not watching it, she still likes to have it on. Her favorite shows right now are Rugrats, Sophia the first, Curious George, and sometimes Sesame Street. 

Seven | She is all about pretend play, and listening to her have conversations for her toys is probably one of my favorite things to do. 

Eight | She is still such a good sleeper, and it is so rare that she will ever get up at night for anything.

Nine | She hates taking a bath, and will fight me on it every time. But once she actually gets in the bath she doesn't want to get out. Washing all her bath toys with as much shampoo as possible is probably her favorite thing to do during bath time.

Ten | Her favorite person in the whole world is probably her Daddy. She gets so excited when he comes home from work, or has a day off. What is so cute though, is that she never wants me to feel that she loves him any more that she loves me. She will never say your the bestest Daddy without looking over at me to tell me that I am the bestest Mommy. Her Daddy will always be special to her because her Daddy is special. She is a lucky little girl.

I want to remember every little detail about London whole life, but the thing I want her to remember the most is just how loved she is. I know my life would not be as full without her in it. 

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