1. This Is Us was a few episodes in before I jumped on the train, which was a bummer! It only took that one episode to get totally hooked though. I probably watch too much TV, but there are very few shows that I actually REALLY love and this is definitely one of them! I missed the heck out of it over the holiday break and am pretty anxious to see more episodes!

2. I bought Ticket To Ride for my little brother for Christmas because I thought I heard him mention it once. We played it on Christmas day and it was an instant favorite. It's basically a train adventure game where the players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes across the country. The more routes you complete the higher your score. I love that it is a game that a group of people can play, but also one that just my hubby and I can enjoy too.

3. Home Alone was one of my favorite movies when I was a kid, but I honestly think I was a kid the last time I watched it. My hubby and I for a brief moment decided that we were going to do the 12 days of Christmas movies. After seeing Home Alone at Target one night we decided that it would be the choice for our first night of movie watching. Turns out I love it just as much now as I did when I was a kid! We actually gave up our movie watching adventure after just a few days because we could never stay away to finish any of them! oh well. 

4.I got some Celebrity Pink Trendy Infinite Stretch jeans in my December's Dia & Co box. Hands down one of the best pair of jeans that I own! The color was super cute and the comfort level was on point. Plus they truly were skinny jeans, meaning they were fitted in the thigh AND the calf. I am sure it is just a plus size problem, but the other skinny jeans I have fit great in the hip and thigh area, but are a little more loose in the calf. I am tempted to buy them in red too!

5. This was our second year in a row that we attended our local showing of the Nutcracker. I think the girls like it a bit more than the boys, but its a new tradition that I look forward too. We usually show up a little early so that we can buy a new Nutcracker to add to our small, but growing collection. Plus it is absolutely adorable to watch how excited my daughter gets when the big Nutcracker appears on stage. I hope she will keep that excitement for many, many years.


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