1. When I am sitting at my desk working on anything, the first think I will do is check out Netflix and pick a movie to play on the TV.  Lately I have been picking Mona Lisa Smile because its just the perfect movie to watch when you not really watching it!

2. One of my daughters favorite snacks are the Cheddar Bunnies form Annie's, so we always have some in our pantry. That my friends, is a good thing because these little cheese crackers are delicious. I love that they are shaped like little bunnies too, so cute!! I have been finding myself reaching for these little tasty crackers a lot during the day, or just bringing the whole container to my scrap desk while I work. That is never a good idea!

3. I have never had a skin care regimen that I stick to, or even skin care products that are my tried and trues. I usually will just look at the shelves until something catches my eye, which is exactly what happened when I bought this No 7 Beautiful Skin Radiance Exfoliator. I like to use an exfoliator about once a week, but I am totally not picky about what one I use. What I like most about this one is the smell. I am absolutely HORRIBLE at describing smells, but this has that "nice smelling beauty product" smell to it.  haha.

4. I have a handful of eye shadow palettes that I sorta rotate through with no rhyme or reason, but lately I have been loving this Too Faced Natural Eyes . The colors are very beautiful and I can easily do an everyday no makeup look or something a little more fancy on those special days. I find that I don't get overwhelmed with options when I use this palette, which I always appreciate.

5. I have decided to keep up with a weekly Project Life® album again for 2017. I usually pick out a title card to use of each spread, and this year I decided to go with these ones by Paislee Press. They are a digital item, so I can just print them out and stick them in my album, but I can also use them as an overlay on one of my favorite photos from the week. I have been loving the look of them so far in my album!

Well that is it, another month down and another favorites list!

Thanks so much for stopping by.

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