Handmade Halloween

I have always wanted to be the mom that made London's Halloween costume each year. I just love how cute, creative, and different handmade costumes are. I usually wait until the last minute to start actually making her outfit each year, which makes the whole process so much more stressful then it needs to be. In the end, when I see how cute my little London looks, all the stress is totally worth it.

So far London has been a ghost, a kitty, and a bee. Ok, so I'll admit the bee is mostly store bought (because that skirt and cute little headband were soooo cheap.) I did however make her wings and her neckless which I think are the perfect little finishing touch.

Picking out what London will be each year is half the fun. By the time September hits I find myself searching Pinterest for the perfect choice. This year when that time came I decided to let London in on the process. She had it narrowed down pretty quickly to Woody from Toy Story and Jake from Jake and the Neverland Pirates. 

In the end she decided on Jake, and I still can't get over how cute she looked.

London was so particular about all the pieces of her costume. It seriously was the cutest thing ever and made me smile so much. My Mom helped with her vest, and by help I mean she sewed the whole dang thing. London was so happy with how everything turned out. I can't hardly wait for next years Halloween to get here.

So on to the next holiday and the next project. This year I am going to be participating in Cathy Zielske's 30 days of Thankful. I plan on doing an album share some time in December. 

Thanks for stopping by!!

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