1. I have been on a huge herbal tea kick lately, and this chocolate orange herbal tea from Stash has been my favorite. I usually add a bit of cream and honey to it... super yummy!

2. Speaking of honey, I love the Raw Honey Enriched With Royal Jelly from Stakich. It is a bit more pricey but I really like it.

3. I have rediscovered my It Cosmetics Butter Gloss and I am wondering why I ever stopped using it. I use the naturally pretty shade. It has the prettiest shine and just a hint of color. I LOVE it.

4. Whenever we get together with family, you can bet a game will be played. We had family stay with us for the Thanksgiving holiday and we all seemed to enjoy playing Five Crowns. We got this game for my mom last year for Christmas, and it is pretty simple and fun.

5. I am not a big candle person, but I like having them on hand to light  if I know I am going to have company. I really like the Sweater Weather scent form Bath and Body Works. It's my go to choice as of late.

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