For 2016 I'm going with FOCUS as my One Little Word®.

So here is some truth... focus was my One Little Word® last year. At first I didn't even consider the word focus. How could I pick the same word two years in a row??

Here is a little bit of more truth... The only thing I did with my word in 2015 was actually pick it. I hardly even thought about it after the month of January. So after thinking about the new year and really asking myself what I wanted those 12 months to look like, I decided choosing FOCUS for the second year in a row would be ok.

I want Twenty Sixteen to be a happy year, and in order for that to happen I need to FOCUS on what matters most. I am taking the month of January to really think about what I want to invite into my life, and setting some goals for the future. A lot of those goals are personal, and I may or may not share those with you as the year unfolds. Some of them are crafty goals and I will probably be sharing those with you here on this blog or on my YouTube channel

I am excited to be participating in Ali Edwards One Little Word® class this year. I know that this is the sort of project that you "get out of it what you put into it". I plan on carving out a chunk of time each month to work on the prompts and really make this word apart of my everyday life. 

Have you picked a "word" for this year? You still have time to join in on Ali's workshop. You can find more information here

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