The Crafty Maven Getaway

Has everyone checked out The Crafty Maven Getaway YouTube channel. It is a pretty awesome group of some pretty talented people coming together every day of the week to bring you a new video. Each day has it's own theme, which I think is so fun.

Monday: Mix It Up Monday
Tuesday: In Your Pocket Tuesday
Wednesday: Free Flow Wednesday
Thursday: Twerk it Thursday
Friday: Art Party Friday
Saturday: Scrap Lift Saturday
Sunday: Spotlight Sunday

I am happy to call myself a "maven" and have already done three videos for the channel. It has been a lot of fun working with a theme and using some products and techniques that I wouldn't normally choose to use.

If you want to watch the process videos for any of these layouts you can find them here, here, and here

Here's some other information you might find helpful and interesting about The Crafty Maven Getaway group

We are The Crafty Maven Getaway on Pinterest.
We are also on Facebook so be sure to check out The Crafty Maven Getaway destination Group

We love to see how you have been inspired by the inspiration pieces and layouts each week, so be sure to share your projects with us on Facebook. 

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