Hello Tuesday

My plan this year was to go all in with this Week In The Life project. Take a ton of photos, and write down some words. I think I am doing ok with the pictures, but this year I have not written down any words.

I also decided that I wanted to use instagram and this blog as tools to help tell the story of this week. I am mostly doing good with the instagram thing, but I am finding it difficult to keep up with my blog. This is a pretty bus,y and weird week for us so I have had less time to sit down and work on a blog post. I still want to do blog updates, they just may be a bit delayed. 

I have decided I am not going to let myself worry about the things that aren't getting done and just go with the flow. 

Here are Tuesdays photos and words.

Felix jumped on our bed bright and early this morning and wanted a good rub. He is still super happy that we are home, but I am expecting this all to change soon. He is normally a very grumpy cat.

London usually wakes us up around 7:30, but today she slept it. When Tony finally decided to get out of bed he went to her room to wake her up. I loved hearing their conversations over the monitor. She seemed happy that he was not going to work today

I stayed in bed for a little while longer. I liked to start my day by checking my Facebook, Instagram, and maybe even play a few levels of Plants vs. Zombies. Don't judge, it's my guilty pleasure.

London usually asks Tony to make her Pancakes for breakfast when he is home. Today she chose to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates while they ate. It seems to be her favorite these days. 

London's beads were still set up from the night before. After breakfast she continued the process of organizing all of them. Today she wanted to wear her gloves as she sorted.

My desk was a mess before I left, and that mess was waiting for me when I got back. I had a lot to do today so this mess will have to wait.

Most of our morning was spent cleaning up the house. I always get a little stressed if things are messy. I don't mind a little clutter, but I hate messy.

Our schedule has been a bit off over the last few days and when we sat down for lunch it really showed. London asked for a peanut butter & jelly sandwich with apples for lunch, but she struggled to eat any of it. This is part of our story. 

After Lunch it's nap time. London is usually happy to lay down for a bit. She has always been a good sleeper.

I took advantage of London's nap, and ran some errands.

I needed to get London signed up for dance. I had all her paper work filled out so I just had to drop it off. 

While I was down at the other end of town I decided to pick up her school supply list. My heart is aching. How did she grow up so fast?

My last stop was the grocery store. Tony wanted taco soup for dinner tonight and I needed to pick up a few things that we didn't already have at home.

It is not very often that I get to go out and about without London. She is usually a pretty good girl, but errands are a bit easier, and faster when I go alone.

I was happy to get back in time to clean this mess up before Miss London woke up from her nap. 

I had a few projects that I really needed to work on. I was grateful that Tony was here to entertain London while I got them done.

around 7:30 I decided to get started on dinner. We new Tony's brother was going to be coming into town, and I wanted to make sure dinner was waiting for him when he got here.'

 While I cooked dinner, London played with her blocks. Today she chose to organize them by color.

London and I ate around 9:00, which is pretty late for us. Tony waited for his brother to get there so he could eat with him.

Tony got a call from his brother around 9:40. Eldon drives truck and he had to make a delivery to the airport by our house. He was staying at our house for the night so Tony went to pick him up. It was fun listening to these two catch up.

It was after midnight before we made it to bed. I popped into London's room to check on her before heading down the hall to my room. I always think she looks so pretty when she sleeps.

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