Hello Wednesday

I am still hopeful that I will complete this project. This "un-normal" week is making it hard to document life this way. 

Here are Wednesday's words and photos

I woke up at 9:30. I could hear Jake and the Neverland Pirates playing on the TV, so I knew Tony and London were awake. I went to bed the night before without washing my face, and when I woke up this morning that is the first thing I wanted to do. 

I was pretty tired when I woke up and considered for just a moment to climb back into bed for a few more minutes. I could hear London ask Tony if I was awake. She must have heard the movement upstairs. I decided to go downstairs and have breakfast with her.

Tony had to take his brother back to his truck early this morning. I wasn't surprised that he stopped to pick up donuts on his way home. London and I both like maple bars.

This morning we had to run a few errands, so after breakfast we headed upstairs to get ready. While we were in Seattle, London managed to walk out of Lush with all 5 colors of fun. ( It's really awesome play-doh that is also bubble bath.) She picked the blue to play with today.

Our first stop was to drop off my mom's purse by the office where Katy works. London always likes to see her Aunt Katy. 

Next stop was to the beauty supply store. Tony and London stayed in the car, so I did my best to just get what I needed and not look around too much. It was hard.

I spotted this pretty pink polish on my way out and new I had to have it. I thought it would be perfect for London to wear to her first day of dance class. I showed it to her in the car on the way home, and she loved it. I do love my girly girl

We have a handful of things that we always get at Costco, and Tony usually picks those things up on his way home from work. 

Today we were with him. 

London spotted some watermelon, and it was pretty clear we were not getting out of the store without it. She loves watermelon.

Great Harvest is right by Costco, and we were all hungry after our busy morning, so we stopped in for some sandwiches.

London always has a hard time when she has to take a nap right when we get home, so I let her watch one Curious George before heading off to her bed. 

She still had a hard time with it.

After nap, we decided to go down to the park to play. It is always so fun to see London play and climb on the toys because it is something that she hasn't always been able to do. 

She found a friend pretty quickly today and it was so much fun to see them run around and play together.

Tony warmed up some taco soup for dinner, while I finished a project that needed to get done.

London worked on sorting her beads. 

We usually will let London pick something to watch on TV while we eat. Before I had kids I would have never guessed that this would be the case. Things change, and at the end of the day it is a balance between what you want your life to look like, and what actually works. London has a history with eating, and we do what we need to do to keep her strong, and healthy. 

When Tony is home he does the night time routine. London usually get to watch 2-3 episodes of Curious George before bed, before she heads upstairs to get her teeth brushed. 

Tonight she was being silly

After we brush her teeth, we read books. Lately she has been wanted to look through her Highlight magazine. She really likes the hidden picture pages.

Then it's to bed, and lights out. 

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